Your First Visit

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When you schedule your appointment, we will email you a welcome letter that will provide you a secure password to complete your online registration. This will save you time during your appointment check-in. Please let us know at this time if you have any dental insurance that you would like to use so we can check your benefits ahead of time.

Dr. Javelet and Dr. Stewart both practice with a patient centered philosophy.  What this means is that for any given evaluation, you will be given a breakdown of clinical and radiographic findings, diagnosis, treatment options, pros/cons, and a treatment recommendation that is centered upon the best interest of the patient.  In most clinical scenarios, a 3D CBCT Image is required for the doctors to give a proper assessment and is taken with most evaluations here at the office. 

Roughly 2/3 of the patients referred to La Jolla Village Endodontics end up requiring endodontic treatment.  The other third of the patients referred to us end up not needing treatment, have an issue other than Endodontics, or require an extraction.  For this reason, we typically require an evaluation appointment prior to making a treatment appointment.  Exceptions are made for patients in a considerable amount of pain.  We typically can see this patients within a day when needed. 

Please visit Dr. Stewart's or LJVE's Instagram pages if you are interested in viewing case examples and learning more about our office and staff.