Endodontic Services


Endodontic Treatment

Endodontics is the field of dentistry that is specific to the dental pulp. Each of your natural teeth has a dental pulp inside of it. This pulp carries the blood supply and nerves that keep the tooth healthy and alive. If the pulp is damaged or becomes infected, it will need to be treated by an endodontic specialist.

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Endodontic Retreatment

Root canal retreatment is often necessary if a traditional root canal has failed. In some cases, a root canal isn’t done properly by a dental provider, or there was a canal that was ignored or not treated fully.

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Endodontic Surgery

Root end surgery is most commonly called an apicoectomy. This procedure involves removing the very tip of the root of one or more of your teeth. The surgery can be done in-office and prevents the need for the tooth to be extracted.

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Traumatic Dental Injuries

Despite continuous dental care and proper oral hygiene, there may come a time when you experience a traumatic injury to your mouth and teeth. This injury may cause the tooth to break, shift or completely fall out.

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CBCT Imaging

A cone beam CT scan involves a special type of x-ray that allows us to see the details of your oral and facial health. This scan is more than just a typical x-ray, since it allows us to identify nerve pathways, soft tissue and bone before providing you with treatment.

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